Organizational Intelligence

Start With Where You Are

Whenever a congregation desires to move from one place to another, it is important to understand where you are in order to begin meaningful movement forward. The whole Kairos Listening Process provides leaders with critical data and input that not only brings greater clarity of where you are, but also the confidence in knowing how to take those next steps. For faith communities, it is essential that you are connected to your membership base – understanding their level of excitement and investment to your mission. Healthy ministries take seriously the need to assess and evaluate where they are in order to better determine where they want to go next. Gathering organizational intelligence is a significant step in getting you there.

Including More People Creates Change

Deeply knowing your church is the grounding for all of Kairos’ work. When you hear from a wide variety of your constituents and they included in the conversation, you are ready to embark on new adventures. We are committed to creating a space for deep listening that allows every voice to be heard and a full perspective on the life of the congregation to be gained. Meeting people where they are and understanding that every voice is a gift and guide launches our work together in powerful ways.

Trusted Tools and Processes for Your Church

Our commitment to Organizational Intelligence begins by implementing our uniquely designed online survey called the MAP (Missional Assessment Profile). The purpose of the MAP is to gain a better understanding of where you are in your missional journey as a congregation. By measuring the missional impact and effectiveness of the ministry, and the excitement that exists in those connected to your mission, we are able to develop a specific plan that reflects your culture and its unique needs. This picture of the faith community helps to determine where energy can be best placed, what is the capacity for moving forward and the ability to make something meaningful happen for the sake of the mission.

As important as implementing the MAP instrument is, we also feel it is of great value to conduct interviews and listening groups to gather more qualitative input for decision-making. These personal connections allow for deeper understanding and clarity of the information that was provided through the survey, as well as insights that the survey isn’t designed to assess. 

Here are some resources for your congregation: Purpose Mapping Process