Start 2021 Off Right with a Retreat for Pastors


What: "Now Is The Time!" Retreat

When: Thursday, January 21st (9AM - 2PM)

Where: Zoom  



Because pastoral leadership is hard, especially right now! We know that many of you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, uncertain, stretched, emotionally exhausted, anxious or even depressed.  As congregational leaders you have been pushed to the limits, required to make significant changes in how you live out your calling to care for members, facilitate Word and Sacrament and offer other ministries virtually. You have had to make challenging decisions with constantly changing information.

Yet, in the midst of it all, you have prevailed.  God's Word has been proclaimed, members have been cared for and Zoom is either your new best friend or biggest nemesis.

So what's in store for 2021? More of the same?  A return to normal?  What state will the church be in once the pandemic dust settles?  What will be required of you as a leader? Will more changes  be needed? 

Seeking answers to these questions can pester us like a low-grade fever. Over the long-haul the stress can take its toll.  In times like these it's important to carve out space to reflect, to step away from the day-to-day demands and rise to the 40,000-foot level to observe the journey you've been on and contemplate where you are headed.


This one-day retreat will offer you:

  • the opportunity to join other leaders in a time of reflection, connection and renewal.
  • a framework for understanding the current organizational challenges of your congregation, 
  • a path for leading people through change in a healthy way as an emotional system
  • a guided intentional process of considering your ministry context and culture,
  • discernment regarding the role you are called to play in navigating the future. 

Our goal is to give you time, space and a process of reflection that ultimately brings clarity and inspires hope for you and the ministry you serve.  Please join us!

Register for the Retreat here: Now Is The Time


The retreat will include three separate 1½ hour working sessions during the day, with short breaks in-between. The cost is $50 per participant with a $100 maximum per organization. All materials are included. 

Questions? please email. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Rev. Jeff Kjellberg | Principal Owner and Consultant | Kairos and The Joshua Group



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