Capital Campaign Consultants

Kairos’ primary objective is to help organizations maximize their missional and financial potential. We understand the challenges of being faithful to your mission and making bold and courageous decisions to move that forward. Through a process that embraces your ministry’s vision, assesses your resources and develops the leadership to carry out your plans, we will help you build the courage to step into any initiative. Our unique approach for what are typically referred to as capital campaigns includes the following stages:


The goals of the Listening Phase are to clarify the organization’s vision for ministry; determine how this is connected to the hopes and dreams for additional resource needs; gauge the members’ level of excitement and willingness to invest in and support the mission; and gather the necessary input and data to develop an effective way forward for the appeal process.


This phase takes what has been learned in the Listening Phase and solidifies the appeal case narrative, creates an overall strategy for the appeal that is adapted to each culture, recruits and trains leaders and begins to lay the foundation for the appeal launch. This is a time for uniting people around the vision that will drive the effort and create spiritual grounding for the work ahead.


Engaging your congregation in diverse and meaningful ways is critical to the appeal’s success. This phase implements a variety of opportunities to inspire, educate and encourage people around the appeal vision, the joy of giving and the congregation’s desire to grow and enhance its mission and ministry.


This phase opens the door of opportunity for members to indicate their willingness to support the appeal and the ongoing mission of the congregation. It also sets into motion the important work of celebrating and acknowledging members’ generosity and partnership in the journey.

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