The Joshua Group

Need in Our Churches

The concept for The Joshua Group started with the co-owners of Kairos in 2012. It was in direct response to the work that was being done through the Listening Phase of a Kairos process and the need we were finding in some of those churches.  Kairos believes that discerning the impact and effectiveness of an organization’s mission is an essential starting point before any Capital Appeal process can be initiated. For many of Kairos’ clients, this was often discovered to be needing deeper attention before any planning could begin for a Capital Appeal. As a result, the co-owners of Kairos decided to develop a separate organization that focused more directly on organizational mission and renewal that would not necessarily need to be yoked with planning for a major Capital Appeal. The result of this effort was the launching of The Joshua Group.

Responding to Need with a Way Forward

The Joshua Group's core purpose is to help congregations and ministries move to a place of energy, health, and transformation for the sake of the mission they claim as central to their purpose. Our work is grounded in the understanding of the uniqueness and call of every ministry. We help navigate change, transition, strategic planning, leadership development, and conflict to help you be as healthy and vital as your organization can be.

The Joshua Group has developed a trademarked process called Purpose Mapping, that moves organizations through deep listening and discovery in order to gather valuable data and input for constructing a unique plan for their ministry. To discover more about The Joshua Group please click here to visit the website. 

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