Stewardship Development

Our stewardship development ministry is rooted in the biblical truth that a loving God is the source of all that we have - at its foundation, faithfully stewarding the resources God has given us is discipleship. We are committed to helping your faith community deepen its culture of generosity by focusing on the joy of giving, the future of ministry and the excitement of mission. 
Our approach engages organizations by helping to lay the foundation needed to bring lasting change and transformation to both individuals and the larger faith community. Kairos' Stewardship Ministry Development is a holistic approach that incorporates the following elements:

Mission and Ministry Reflection

Clearly focused and articulated vision for mission and ministry are essential for growing cultures of generosity. This first phase leads your organizations’ leaders in a time of reflection and discernment of current ministry, identifies a hopeful vision of the future and lays the foundation for moving forward.

Leadership and Organizational Stewardship Development

Thinking about stewardship development in new ways means identifying leaders who are willing to embrace that challenge and engage in a comprehensive assessment of current ministry practices for growing a generous culture. This part of the work helps to develop leaders and create an organizational structure that will drive the stewardship ministry efforts into the future.

Stewardship Ministry Planning

With the right leadership in place, it is important to assess current practices and identify specific opportunities for deepening your ministry’s culture of generosity and discipleship. During this phase, a customized plan will be developed for implementing new and renewed stewardship practices, including a comprehensive communication strategy for inviting people into the story of what God is doing in and through your mission.

Implementation and Ongoing Consultation

Plans are only as good as the actions they inspire. Kairos will guide the process of implementing this new vision of stewardship into the life of the congregation. Special focus will be given to how your organization celebrates its ministry, invites people to participate, offers encouragement and thanks and consistently connects giving to spiritual growth.