Our Commitment to Racial Equity: A Message from Kairos

On behalf of our consulting teams of Kairos and Associates and The Joshua Group, I would like to share a message in response to the recent acts that brutally exposed the racial injustice and violence in our nation. We are heartbroken, especially as the George Floyd death occurred in our backyard. This event and the protests that have followed have awakened us that we are called to take a stand.


Our organization’s primary focus is to encourage and empower faith-based communities to claim their missional identity and find the courage to live that out in meaningful ways. We are proud of this work, but we know that there is so much more that needs to be done for the sake of the health and peace of all those who live in those communities we serve.


We, as people of faith and our communities, have not done enough. We have let the oppressive voices have power. We have watched violence occur without demanding justice.  We have been too comfortable in our white privilege and allowed indifference and neglect to cloud our judgements. We have let our witness for justice and peace be quieted rather than ignited in the face of cruel and inhumane treatment of our brothers and sisters of color.


Pastor Steve Wells, a white pastor from Texas, shared the following at George Floyd’s funeral: “If I could just have the privilege, I would like to say a word to white churches. We are better than we used to be, but we are not as good as we ought to be. That is not good enough, which means you have to take up the work of racial justice. Racism did not start in our lifetimes but racism can end in our lifetime” (from https://www.mediaite.com/).


This moment calls us out. We are people of faith. We cannot allow our witness to be soft and actions hollow. Change can only happen by changed hearts and minds. It is in this space that our work exists. Our message speaks to the value of all people and God does not differentiate based on race or ethnicity. It is also a message that moves us out into the world to be difference makers for the sake of all people.  That means taking risks, acting with boldness, and being confident that the God of the universe is an advocate for ALL people and that we are the hands and feet of this God to bring about this work.


We, at Kairos and The Joshua Group, are committing ourselves to this work of racial justice and equity, and for dismantling systems of oppression. We will join others in holding up injustice, demanding change, and helping our neighbors find their voice and amplify it to be heard. We can no longer stay silent in the face of oppression of others. Ultimately, we are committing to help our clients create healthy communities, to be places of true welcome and acceptance, and find the fortitude to be agents of change.


It is not a cliché to say, “WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER”! There is power in numbers and unified voices that act with conviction that everyone is created equal and deserves to be treated as such. We are there, hand in hand. “We shall overcome some day”! We invite you to join us in this noble and holy work.


Jeff Kjellberg | Owner and Executive Consultant | email

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