Joe Crowther


Joe Crowther joined Kairos after a quarter century of vibrant pastoral leadership within a variety of ministry settings in the South and Midwest. With doctoral work in the areas of Preaching and Missional Leadership, Joe is a communicator at heart. His greatest passions are leading a faith community in the discernment of God’s vision, encouraging the coalescence of energy around that vision and then helping congregations put structures in place to resource it. As senior pastor he helped to grow and revitalize two large congregations which tripled the resources they deployed to bless the communities they served.

Each of the congregations Joe served also experienced a significant lowering of the median age of its membership and a growth in the giving and commitment of young adults. “To develop a culture of faithful stewardship and discipleship a congregation must engage its membership on a number of generational levels. The conversations and strategies that are effective with our seniors are quite different from those which motivate our millennials. It is essential that a campaign is multifaceted in its approach.”   

Joe works not only to assist congregations in growing resources for immediate programming but also to help in developing the cultural structures that promote perpetual congregational health. The success of a campaign is determined not only by the number of dollars registered, but also by the renewed joy, excitement and energy a congregation generates for ongoing mission.