What's Your Story?: Stress & Growth in Crisis

“Stress is not the enemy in our lives. Paradoxically, it is the key to growth.”

In his book, “The Power of Story,” Jim Loehr suggests that most of us live out of the story that is most central to us, and that curiously that story is oftentimes false. “Oh, you bet, my health and my family are most important to me,” all the while ignoring a current reality of high blood pressure, poor diet, too many hours working and little positive energies for spouse and children. Let’s just say there are far too frequently unexamined gaps or inconsistencies that exist.

Pastors Leading in Crisis

Most of us have not been trained or educated to know how to lead during such incredibly difficult times. So, what do you do? I sat down with four pastors from around the country and asked them to share their experiences. This is a video sharing their thoughts. Enjoy!

A Time to Wonder: Leading in Discomfort

“Are ever going to be able to leave behind this social-distancing way of life?” my neighbor wondered. As we stood chatting on the sidewalk, six-feet apart while our dogs romped and wrestled, we both marveled at the way this would change us as a society.

We won’t really know how until new vaccines or treatments make lock-downs and quarantines things of the past. However, what we do know is that “returning to normal” will not mean returning to the way things were pre-C19.

Fundraising During Difficult Times

The tagline for Kairos and Associates is, “Inspiring Generosity.” It’s focused on the one who is generous instead of the one who is asking for money. Our underlying credo is that organizations don’t have needs. Those being served by our organizations have needs that are being met through our organizational missions. Our main focus is on the one giving and not the one asking.

Reimagining Easter Among Empty Pews

Why Easter?

Of all the seasons for our people to be sheltering in place, why the pinnacle of the church year? If summiting this festival wasn’t challenging enough for pastors now we must find ways to proclaim an empty tomb to empty pews! But before we resign ourselves to merely “salvaging Easter” this year, I wonder… could the unique circumstances of our cultural crisis actually allow for one of the most memorable and authentic celebrations of “He is Risen!” ever?

Your Resurrection Story

I created a short video message called “Your Resurrection Story”. The purpose is to provide a different lens for viewing these times that can give us some hope and courage to keep moving forward. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel would benefit from watching it. Stay safe and filled with hope in the days ahead.

Enculturating Generosity is the Long Term Stewardship Strategy

It has long been my frustration in leading a consulting firm that focuses on financial resource development to engage faith communities that ask “how will your program help us increase our giving?” It’s not that I don’t understand why the question is asked. Instead, it’s the mindset behind the question that is the problem.