Is hybrid worship & online community here to stay?

Is hybrid worship and online community here to stay?

How do we know? How do we minister to those online ? What do they need?

Let's find out...

Covid Crisis Changed Church: What We've Learned Since March

What we’ve learned about Christian leadership since March


Think back to the seven days between Sunday, March 8th and Sunday, March 15th, 2020. In just seven days, you led a transition from fully in-person worship, complete with Holy Communion, choirs, and packed pews, to fully online worship with Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook.


Fundraising: Reasons People Give

You probably hear many reasons why people aren’t giving money to your organization: “I’m helping my family right now.” “I have other commitments.”  “My income is down.”  “Maybe next time.”  “I’m not that interested in what you do.”  There are many more reasons – all of them legitimate.

Crisis Leadership: 8 Things Healthy Leaders Do

Leaders ask: We are managing the fast current of change, how long can we sustain this pace in the unknown?

The answer is not long. The solution is rest.


Crisis Mentality of Leaders: Are We Out of The Woods Yet?


Many of us can’t wait for this pandemic to end so we can get back to normal.


Church Leadership: Changed by Change


Do you want the good news or the bad news?? Well, the bad news is that you as a pastor or lay leader are probably challenged in this time. The good news… you as pastor and lay leader may be transformed for mission in this time.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity: A Message from Kairos

On behalf of our consulting teams of Kairos and Associates and The Joshua Group, I would like to share a message in response to the recent acts that brutally exposed the racial injustice and violence in our nation. We are heartbroken, especially as the George Floyd death occurred in our backyard. This event and the protests that have followed have awakened us that we are called to take a stand.


The Earth Has Shifted- A Poem for Our Time

Longing for human touch
Seeking connection
Phone calls, zoom, Skype, Facetime
But it’s not enough.

Who Else is Tired of Zoom Meetings? Top 10 for Teams

We are all trying our best to make it through meeting after meeting via virtual meeting software. We are trying to keep alert, pay attention, not make judgements about the messy bookshelves behind Steve or wonder why Lilly doesn’t mute when her dog starts barking. Are we really getting anything done?